Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cookie Swap

It's that time of year again! Our annual Christmas Cookie & Ornament Swap will be on December 22nd at Deb's house.

What is a cookie swap?

Traditionally the way we do it is that a host will plan and coordinate a cookie swap party and then host a get-together, so everyone can trade packs of cookies. In some cases, everyone brings extra cookies for the swap, and everyone gets to sample the cookies at the swap/party. The host has the option to provide food & drinks for the swap. It can be whatever you have time for!

During our cookie party we also do an exchange of Christmas ornaments with each other. It adds a very nice touch to our gathering and each year we get to hang up or ornaments that we have received from each other over the years.

Want to host a cookie swap?

This is a great way to get a nice variety of cookies without doing all the baking yourself! Check out these places for ideas:
Cooking Light Cookie Swap
Betty Crocker (Take the cookie poll while you're there)
Martha Stewart Cookie Swap
Old Fashion Living
Domino Sugar


What's Paula got cookin'

Old Fashion Living Recipes
Southern Food
Baking Delights (50 Best recipes on the net)

Let us know of any other good cookie recipes websites or blogs out there by leaving a comment here.

Check back after the holidays to see what we baked up for our swap. Happy Holidays!

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